Every person and family has a story and that story deserves to be remembered.

I’ll make sure you never forget it.

You stay in the moment.

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I’m not here just to snap some quick pics of you, your family and friends and call it a day. (But I’m guessing you know that since, if that’s all you wanted, you’d probably have done that with your iphone by now). You and I are in this - I mean I’m not joining your family - but we get close ;)

When it comes to capturing your family, I’ll guide you, prompt you and in some ways, join in on the fun in order to get up close and personal. That’s how we go from capturing what you look like to capturing the way you felt in that moment - the touches, the connection, the love. You know, the stuff that matters. 

And if you’re flying solo, whether portraits of yourself or you and your crew graduating, consider me your friend and life hype woman. I still remember how I felt when I graduated and together, we’ll make sure to celebrate this time and have fun in the process. Photos have a way of teaching us what matters most to us and help us own our own story. You’re not just investing in some solid instagram posts (though you’ll get that too), we’re talking about telling and preserving your story for the long haul.  

And Investing In

What You’re Getting Into

Jamie Bailey




Emily captures the real qualities of love between 2 people. She does this not by posing you or positioning you a certain way. She does it by capturing the        laughs, the           smiles and the        kisses. 

Yes! Let’s tell my story. 

Every collection includes a print component because I wholeheartedly believe in printed photos the beautiful experience of seeing your life in pages. All books and albums are custom designed with you and for you and handcrafted to become family heirlooms.

Basically, I don’t want you going to Walgreens for 4x6’s

My Job Isn’t Done Until I’ve Helped You Do Something Meaningful With Your Photos 

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