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Okay, so maybe we’ll do one smiling and looking, mostly for grandma and grandpa, but that’s not how we’ll spend most of our time together. Instead, think of it like a dance. I’ll guide you through, give prompts at times, and at others, I’ll simply let you do you. Together, we’ll tell the real story. It’s intimate, gritty, and wayyyyy more fun.

You Are Photogenic

No Awkward Smiling At The Camera Here

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Emily did an awesome job capturing my high energy 2 year old, making my 13 year old less self conscious with laughs, and working with my wiggly 6 month old! The photos are beautiful and we couldn’t be happier!

Destiny Kacir


Whether you’re a couple with 6 kids, a single mom or dad with 1 kid, or newlyweds with no kids, you are a family and this is for you. Life in all its craziness and imperfections is beautiful and every story deserves to be told. Whether in your home, in the studio or around town, let’s document your love in the places you feel most at home. 


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There’s no better time like the present to celebrate yourself and this season in life. Whether you’re a mom-to-be, graduating, or you just want to feel good about yourself, this is for you. I don’t believe in needing a reason to celebrate you and your life. Let’s do the damn thing! 

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Whether you’re in your happy place traveling or you want to make a day of it, an adventure lifestyle session might be just what you’re looking for. Think of a family excursion, but with a photojournalist hanging out with you. Check out where I’m headed to next and if our plans line up, you’ll score zero travel fees!

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