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I’m Emily Kyle, your cat loving, adventure chasing, ride or die friend and photographer on your wedding day and beyond. 

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In the whirlwind of planning, it’s easy to get lost in the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses, the cake flavors, the logistics of your elopement, what wording to use on your invitations and so much more. But when fifty years have passed, your photos will still be there to bring you right back to the way you felt on your wedding day.

Since you’re still reading, I’m guessing you’re a bit like me and you believe in the value of photography. You know photos can transport you, hold onto your loved ones, and share your love story. As your photographer, I’m in this to give you way more than an epic facebook album and instagram posts (though you’ll get that too!). 

aside from your own memories, photography is the only thing that will last past your wedding day. 

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I’m not interested in anything but who you are as humans and that connection you share. Your wedding is exactly that, your wedding. We are not going to recreate someone else’s. You’re investing in your story, your legacy and the future generations with whom you choose to share those stories.

Plus, you’ll have me by your side and on your side. #sorrymom not sorry. It’s about you two- your vision- and I’ll be here to make that happen and make you laugh. Trust me, I can tell some pretty good dad jokes that will bust you up. 

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Here’s the lowdown: I was born in Charleston, West Virginia to a single-mother from France, and moved to Baltimore, Maryland when I was 11 before taking off for Ann Arbor, Michigan for college. After attending a fine arts high school and spending my days in a darkroom, I decided to study photojournalism in college. 

I photographed my first wedding in 2015 and loved capturing the array of human emotions that span the day. Getting to tell the story of one of the happiest milestones in a couple’s life (a.k.a photojournalism without the war zone) was ‘it’ for me. I haven’t looked back since. 

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Whatever your story is, it should be told in a way that feels like you. 
Let’s have a rad time doing it too. 

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If you’re not in the Detroit Michigan area, my bags are already packed to go with you and be by your side. Whether we are climbing mountains or planning an intimate, slightly secret, elopement in the woods I am ready. 

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I was a competitive figure skater for 17 years, I’ve skydived twice, and I speak French

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I take risks and I’m most afraid of regretting the things I didn’t do in life

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