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Getting married can be hella stressful. I know the planning gets overwhelming, but I’ve got you. With over 12 years of experience and skill I put behind the lens, you don’t need to sweat it.

ride or die

i'm your

I am here to preserve your moments, not poses. You should be able to relive the heartbeat and the happily unplanned with your future family, over and over. Your love will be exquisitely, candidly, and genuinely captured leaving you actually having fun instead of holding a cheesy smile.




Forget the stiff, tense, this-is-so-not-me poses. I am all about the

the investment

When it comes to our photo sessions, you deserve to look good and feel good. Plus I want you to have fun throughout the process. That’s the trifecta that leaves my clients saying ‘I couldn’t imagine our wedding without her!’

By choosing to work with me, you’re investing in someone that will be by your side to guide you, calm nerves, ease stressors, and crack some terrible jokes to embarrass themselves for your genuine laughs. You get more than stunning photos of your day, you get an advocate with your vision at heart.

Authenticity Over Perfection

Your Experience

- Anna -

10/10 recommend Emily!!!

Emily Kyle Photography was the first and BEST wedding vendor I hired. Not only did she produce wonderful, beautiful photos - she was an integral part to wedding success. She kept everyone on schedule and also kept the energy comfortable and fun! 

the wedding experience

You stay in the moment, I’ll make sure you don’t forget it.


revel in your day

Elopements & INTIMATE WeddingS

Whether you want to climb a mountain or meet in a chapel with your 10 closest, I’ll be there.


Let’s Break The Rules Together 


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Do you find dog or cat hair stuck to the back of people’s sweaters endearing? 

Does your planner guide you and give you the space to be spontaneous? 

Can you jam out to both Frank Sinatra and Billie Eilish?

Does your utopia include exploring the urban jungle and traversing nature all in one day? 

Are you also on your 7th episode of Suits for the day...rewatching it all for the second time? 

When you reach the peak
of your hike, are you also thinking about the taco truck you’ll stop at on the way home? 

Are you equally in love with the paper-back books on your shelves and your kindle that stays in your work bag?

Do you snap pics of your adventures, but share them later when you’re watching Netflix from the couch? 

are we a match?

Hard drives crash and photos floating in the cloud have been known to disappear. If that makes your heart skip a beat (and not in a good way) I am with you. That's why I offer the highest quality heirloom wedding albums on the market. This is not only your photo insurance to preserve your memories no matter what your computer decides to do, but they also act as your heirloom to pass around on a rainy weekend and share with your own growing family. 

i mean that quite literally

Your Memories,
To Have and To Hold

- katherine - 

 amazing photos

punctual, responsive, and took the most

We had the BEST experience with Emily as our wedding photographer. She was                                                                                           of our day. Emily took the time to help us figure out the timeline of our DIY wedding and everyone has been so pleased with the photos. 

We had the BEST experience with Emily as our wedding photographer. She was                                                                                                                         of our day. Emily took the time to help us figure out the timeline of our DIY wedding and everyone has been so pleased with the photos. 

- Christa -

 I loved working with her!

I highly recommend working with Emily Kyle Photography for your wedding! Her process is smooth, she is honest and upfront in what she needs to do her best work, and the photos are gorgeous, of course.

- lynn - 

I highly recommend her!

Emily did a wonderful job as our wedding photographer! she was easy to work with, responsive and we loved out photos. 

That’s What They Said

Charleston, West Virginia and moved to Baltimore, Maryland when I was 11. I landed in Michigan for college. Today, I call Detroit home, but with my family originally hailing from France, my childhood shaped me into an avid traveler with an affinity for people doing and creating cool things in their own way.

i was born in

Life is short and we ought to be out there making the most of it; giving our time to people that matter, experiences that help us grow and work that fulfills us. I’m lucky enough to say I have found that, and I would love to bring that energy to capture your love story. 

i believe

trying the latest restaurant or coffee shop in Detroit, planning my next trip, getting my sweat on at the gym or amassing a whiskey collection as I pretend to become a whiskey connoisseur. 

When I am Not Behind the Camera, You’ll Find Me: 

I’m Emily Kyle, here for the goosebumps, the gut-busting laughs, happy hour, and golden hour. 

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