The EKP Content Club

The Content Club is a custom photography service membership for small businesses and brands, content creators, influencers and creatives in need of consistent fresh imagery. Together, we plan and execute quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly photoshoots to create timely & unique content for your brand. 

Put your content on autopilot and start showing up consistently. 

I’m your new in-house photographer

If your brand or business requires consistent imagery and content but hiring a new employee or in-house photographer doesn’t make sense, The Content Club is the subscription of your dreams. 

join the club

without the hassle of a W4

scroll-stopping imagery,

Together, we’ll plan your photoshoots based on your business goals and imagery needs. Each photoshoot can be different and is tailored to what you need at that time, whether that’s personal brand photos, product imagery or behind the scenes photos of you doing your thing. 

increased visibility

Show up consistently with strategic and intentional content that actually serves a purpose. 

Intervals that make sense for your business

Choose from monthly, bimonthly or quarterly photoshoots. Maybe you’re a food blogger churning out new recipes weekly or a boutique owner with new looks coming in every season, we can set a pace that makes sense for your business needs.

For fresh imagery. Always.

What kind of content can we shoot? 

Personal branding photos or team headshots

Behind the scenes (aka. you in action doing your thing!)

Products, still-lives and flat-lays

Event photography

Lifestyle and advertising photos

Brand partnership content

E-commerce and apparel product imagery

how it




We’ll get to know one another and do a deep-dive into your brand, messaging, and goals.

planning call


Before every photoshoot, we’ll schedule a call to strategize and plan the details.



Monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, we’ll capture intentional imagery for your brand.



You’re in the club. Join the online community of like-minded content creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this membership for?

This membership was designed for small business owners, content creators, startups, influencers, online and e-commerce businesses and retail businesses. If you need consistent photography content for your brand or business, whether it’s so you can show up consistently and social media, refresh your website, launch a new product or service or decorate your brick and mortar, there’s an option for you. I’ve built the EKP Content Club to be flexible and customizable to support you business through the ebbs and flows of business and seasons.

What can I use my photoshoots for?

Just about anything that would serve your business. It may be easier to list what you can’t use it for. You cannot use your regular photoshoots for personal sessions not related to your business (like family photos, newborn photos, etc.) or as a contract service when offering photography services to another client as part of your work or package (ie: branding agency client work). For those things, you’ll need to book a separate shoot. Other that that, you can use your photoshoot in whatever way makes the most sense for your business needs at the time. Maybe one quarter it’s team and lifestyle photos and the next it’s event coverage or a behind the scenes look at you in action doing your thing. Or perhaps you’re a blogger and each month, you have new posts and brand partnerships you need photos for.

Why should I be a member of the Content Club when I can just book regular photoshoots with you?

There are quire a few reasons! The membership is designed for those that need content on a regular and reoccurring basis for their business. By being able to plan and work together on a regular basis, over time, I’ll get to know the ins and outs of your business more intimately than one-off sessions which means better results. Instead of needing to, ins some ways, onboard your photographer and explain your brand or business each time you book a shoot, I’ll already know your brand and can play an active role in helping to strategize your shoots and provide feedback on your branding, making the photoshoots even more efficient and successful. When you commit to me, I’m able to offer you photoshoots at a discounted rate! If you know you’ll need regular photoshoots, the membership will get you the most bang for your buck! Who doesn’t love a way to save on expenses for your business? And finally, when you join the Content Club, you’re not just hiring a photographer, you’re joining a community of like-minded business owners and content creators. With this intimate network, you can ask questions, share knowledge, find collaborations and more. You never know who could be in the club that if offering something you’ve been needing for your business or life!

How long are the photoshoots and how many photos do I get?

It depends on the plan you choose but they vary from 1 to 2 hours and between 30 and 70 edited images. If you need more time you can always add on time! For complete pricing and plan details, click here.

I have my own preset. Can you edit the photos with my preset?

Yes! When you join the club, we’ll review your editing style in the on boarding process. There’s a one time set-up fee to use your brand preset(s). You’ll be asked to share your preset with me along with 5 to 10 of your images. Then, you’ll receive sample edits to approve. From then on, every shoot will be edited with your preset in the same way!

I’m on really tight deadlines. Can you turnaround the photos faster than one week?

Yes, you can add on 24 hour rush processing to your entire contract for $150 total or to an individual photoshoot for $50.

Can you tell me more about the process for each shoot?

Of course! Let’s take it back. First thing we’ll do is find a time for a discovery call. This is when we’ll get to know each other, talk about your business and find a plan that makes the most sense for you and your business needs. From there, you’ll receive a contract and the first invoice. Once those are received, you’re set and we’ll start the on boarding process which includes a questionnaire about your brand. Then, we’ll schedule your shoot months and if it makes sense for you, we’ll lock in the day and time for each shoot too. Otherwise, we can schedule the specific dates and times closer to each shoot based on location needs, events and you know…schedules.

 The month before your scheduled shoot, I’ll reach out to get a shoot planning call on the calendar. For example, let’s say you’re scheduled for a shoot in July. That means that at the start of June, you’ll receive an invite from me to schedule a call sometime in the next few weeks. In between the start of the month and your call, you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire that will walk through more information specific to the upcoming shoot. Then, working from this, we’ll go into detail and make a game plan for your upcoming shoot. This includes talking through strategy and purpose as well as details such as location specifics (rentals, permits), props or accessories, any additional talent or models needed, the timeline and so on.

After the photoshoot, you’ll receive your edited photos in an online gallery from which you can download the photos straight to your computer and instantly start using them in your business.

Are additional costs for the shoot such as hair and make-up, etc. included?

No. Any additional talent, rentals, props, accessories, or specialists that you’d like to hire for your photoshoot are not included in the membership fee. You will be responsible for hiring and/or sourcing any additional talent or things you’ll need for the photoshoot on your own after our shoot planning call. I’ll always be willing to help and can often provide referrals or resources for whatever it is you need!

What happens if I need extra shoots? Can I book other shoots?

Of course! You can add on additional shoots as needed and as a member of the content club, you’ll receive 10% off the a la carte price!

What’s the payment plan like? 

This depends on the membership plan you choose - quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly. With every plan, you have the option to pay per photoshoot (ie: quarterly payments at the time of your quarterly shoots) or to break the payments down into monthly payments. Monthly payment plans receive a 5% discount on the membership contract price! The payments will also vary based on the length of your contract (3, 6, or 12 months). The longer the contract, the lower the monthly payments will be!

Can I cancel my contract early?

While I’ll cry a little aside, I get it, things come up, business changes and you may need to cancel early. Yes, you can cancel your contract early if you need to. To cancel, you must provide 30 days notice before your next billing date and will be responsible for any fees during the current billing cycle. At the time of cancellation, you will be charged a $150 cancellation fee to terminate the contract.

Will you travel for shoots outside of metro Detroit?

Hell yes. If you’re looking to plan a shoot or shoots on location somewhere outside of the metro Detroit area, whether regularly or just occasionally, just let me know! While the photoshoot may be covered in your plan, additional travel fees will likely be incurred and are charged on a case by case basis. For more details, please reach out at

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