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to your brand

You don’t have to have a 


high production value

(ie: big

budget) for not-so-boring brand images and content

( ie: big budget) for not-so-boring brand images and content

We’re not talking about cookie-cutter headshots

forget hoping a good photo will

You’ve got 3 photos on your phone that are subpar, 2 from two different photographers that look radically different, and nothing that lives up to the vision you hold in your head of how things should look. So when it’s time to post or update your website, your marketing plan turns into a string of after thoughts. And it’s not working anymore. 

magically appear


in your iphone

camera roll

Scroll-stopping imagery that getS you seen


Your digital photo box is getting a 

You should have a digital box full of unique, cohesive and strategic brand photos that make showing up consistently, dare I say it, easy. We’ll meet and design our shoot together based on your brand personality and aesthetics so you have a gallery full of images that tell your brand story in a unique and relatable way your audience will recognize. 

Custom Brand Photography 

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Emily’s eye for branding & product shots is so

- Shayna -
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and I continue to get so many compliments on my new branding images! If you’re looking for someone to bring your brand to life, 

and I continue

to get so many compliments on my new branding images! If you’re looking for someone to bring your brand to life, 

Emily is your girl,

I could not recommend her enough.

Put It On Autopilot

It’s basically where an in-house photographer and accountability partner meet - a custom photography service membership for small businesses, brands, content creators, influencers and creatives that need fresh branding content on the regular. 

Together, we plan and execute quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly photoshoots to create timely & unique content for your brand, all the time. 

The EKP Content Club

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Your Experience

When it comes to our photo sessions, you deserve to look good and feel good. Plus I want you to have fun throughout the process. That’s the trifecta that leaves my clients saying ‘I couldn’t imagine our wedding without her!’

By choosing to work with me, you’re investing in someone that will be by your side to guide you, calm nerves, ease stressors, and crack some terrible jokes to embarrass themselves for your genuine laughs. You get more than stunning photos of your day, you get an advocate with your vision at heart.

Authenticity Over Perfection

the investment

you’re in the right place if


You’re a creative small business owner or start-
up with big dreams and ambitious goals.

You know you need personal branding images but you’re tired of seeing white walls, cheesy-smiles and laptops (oh and coffee).

You started your business so that you could live the life you want and fuel your creativity (not sit at a desk all day pushing paper).

You’ve found your niche and serving your ideal customer with an experience, not just a product, means everything to you.

You have a strong marketing plan and vision of where you want to take your business but you come up short when it comes to consistent, on-brand imagery you actually love.

You work hard (like, a lot) but understand that without some play, you can’t work and succeed to your fullest potential. (Basically work hard, play often is your life motto).

You know that behind every killer brand is a team of killer people. People are at the heart of what you do. 

Do you snap pics of your adventures, but share them later when you’re watching Netflix from the couch? 

i’m emily kyle, here for the big-time dreamers and doers, happy hour, and golden hour.

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Charleston, West Virginia and moved to Baltimore, Maryland when I was 11. I landed in Michigan for college. Today, I call Detroit home, but with my family originally hailing from France, my childhood shaped me into an avid traveler with an affinity for people doing and creating cool things in their own way.

i was born in

Life is short and we ought to be out there making the most of it; giving our time to people that matter, experiences that help us grow and work that fulfills us. I’m lucky enough to say I have found that, and I would love to bring that energy to capture your love story. 

i believe

trying the latest restaurant or coffee shop in Detroit, planning my next trip, getting my sweat on at the gym or amassing a whiskey collection as I pretend to become a whiskey connoisseur. 

When I am Not Behind the Camera, You’ll Find Me: 

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I sooo get it. There’s a lot that goes into creating imagery that actually works for you (not just give you more work to do) but don’t worry, I’ve got your back. So drop in your name and email below and breathe easy.

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